The joys of learning new web code

The joys of learning web codeOr ‘The joys of losing already thinning hair’.

First off, let me just say “FIRST POST!”

Ok, now that the silly internet child in me is turned off, I can focus on the task at hand; finishing this blog post so I can make a late dinner and not actually starve.

It’s almost 10 P.M., and I’ve been working onupdating my website since noon. In the process, I’ve learned a lot about integrating WordPress into my web content, adding the Highslide content, and pulling the hair out from my head. In the end, it’s mostly conquered with a few small bugs. But that’s fine for now.

I’ve made significant progress today, and I hope to have this site fully up and running by tomorrow. I’ve incorporated Google Voice into my life, and now I have an unopened FedEx box at my feet that contains my new TracFone. I’ve integrated myself into the LinkedIn community, and now have this blog-like thing attached to the hip of my site. Everything but the actual clients to feed my stomach and keep a roof over my head are here (with the exception of perhaps a Twitter account and a Facebook group for my site).

And speaking of feeding my stomach… it’s time to end this first blog post. I dare not defy my lovely little friend.

3 Comments on “The joys of learning new web code

  1. Oh, how well I remember the first steps to establishing an empire! Fun, frustrating, nerve wracking, gratifying, and bordering on obsessive.

    You don’t have to be crazy, but it helps. Heh.

    Welcome to the online world — and much luck to you. If I can help in anyway, let me know.

    Rogaine is on sale at Walgreen’s. Just sayin’ ­čÖé

    • Thanks Netta! I think being a little bit crazy sure makes the medicine go down… or something. Thank you for the kind welcome and good wishes. I definitely plan to ride this here donkey for a while. I may take you up on that offer of help too.



    • Netta,

      So uhh… how did you manage a profile picture in your post? When I go to my User
      Profile, I have no such option. Additionally, I don’t see an option to post an avatar
      or user photo when I comment.

      I just added a couple of plug-ins but neither of them seem to be functioning as advertised.

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