Most of my writing and editing work since the fall of 2009 has been for online content. This is a small sampling of the content I’ve created or edited. Unless stated as being offline content, all material is hosted online in some capacity. In nearly all cases, the content is now legally controlled by the entity for whom I wrote or edited. I asked for permission to post these links to my portfolio.

Writing and Editing:

Audubon Companies – Ghostwriting
(June ’14–current): I am tasked by Houston oil and gas services company Audubon Companies with ghostwriting and editing technical content for their blog based upon their specifications and suggested topics.

1. Audubon Companies’ Blog

LIMSwiki.org – Laboratory Informatics
(April ’11–current): I am tasked by Atlanta software developer LabLynx, Inc. with the creation and curation of the infrastructure and content for a Creative Commons-licensed wiki about the increasingly relevant field of laboratory informatics. I am responsible for researching, writing, and editing content for this scientific informatics wiki, which runs on the free open-source software MediaWiki. I am also responsible for the page development and curation of the wiki, including account approval, quality assurance, and resource development. Even after nearly four years on the project, there is a significant amount of work still to be done on the wiki; however, the site is gaining increased relevance with more contributions. My listed contributions can be found here:

1. LIMSwiki Contributions by Shawn Douglas

LIMSuniversity.com – Laboratory Informatics Education
(April ’11–current): I am tasked by Atlanta software developer LabLynx, Inc. with the creation and curation of the infrastructure and content for a Moodle-based site about the increasingly relevant field of laboratory informatics. I am responsible for researching and managing course content on the site, including both the loading of existing OpenCourseWare and other open courses and the development of new courses as they relate to the fields of laboratory science and informatics.

1. LIMSuniversity.com/

E-Web Marketing – Content Development
(October ’12–December ’12): I worked on a two-month project for this Australian client writing web content for a specific client. The content had to be developed under specific guidelines and required significant research in order to properly write it. Contact me for more details about this project.

LearnTheNet.com and LearnTheNet.org – Technology and Education
(December ’09–June ’10; September ’11–June ’12): I wrote 10 full-length articles intended for children and adults just learning about the Internet. These articles were how-to guides related to social networking, the Internet, and education. I also wrote education and technology blog posts for the .org domain. Here are two examples from those ten articles, as well as a link to the blog posts:

1. LinkedIn: Social Networking For Professionals
2. Doing Research on the Internet
3. LearnTheNet.org Blog Posts by Shawn Douglas

Sean McLachlan – Research
(October ’11): Mr. McLachlan asked me to assist him with research about nineteenth-century trains for his book The Last Ride of the James–Younger Gang. Research included: looking through and photocopying microfiche of the St. Louis Republican from 1876; looking through and photocopying some of the collections of the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library; and making inquiries into the Missouri Pacific Railroad.

Travel.AOL.com – Travel Guides and Information
(October ’10–May ’11): I wrote travel articles for AOL Travel, based upon their daily and weekly specifications. Articles ranged in length from 450 words to as many as 1,200+ words. My last project before AOL Travel laid off much of its writing staff involved researching writing several major pieces about Baltimore, Maryland. The link above leads to published articles I’ve written.

Spry Digital – Web Content Editing and Development
(October ’10–March ’11): I was contracted to edit website content and write themed blog posts for one of Spry Digital’s clients. I worked in tandem with both the owner of Spry and their client to edit and produce their web content as part of an online branding effort for that client.

Teaching and tutoring:

Global LT – Business ESL Tutoring
(October ’14—current): I work with Global LT’s students in the Saint Louis area, tutoring them in all types of business and conversational English. I’m responsible for meeting those students at designated times each week and tutoring them, typically for one and a half hours per class. I develop my own content and use existing content. I’m also required to regularly gauge student progress. For more on this project, please contact me.

Several academies, summer camps, and individual clients – Teaching, Tutoring, and Mentoring
(August ’07—August ’13): I taught English in Spain for two full years and four additional summers. During this time my responsibilities varied greatly, from organizing individual classes to training future TEFL students. For a more in-depth explanation of my responsibilities, activities, and skill set, please contact me.

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