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Hey all! I just wanted to let you all know that I’m doing some writing outside of this blog. Michael and the very kind folks over at (which moved to have given me yet another forum for writing. They’ve specifically asked me to write about how technology, the Internet, and the classroom are all evolving together. As teaching is one of the fundamental components of my philosophy, this focused outlet is extremely welcome.

You can find my blog entries as well as others’ on their blog.

I also want to let you all know that I’ll be somewhat separated from my writing this summer as I volunteer my time teaching English at a summer camp in Spain. I still plan on trying to find time to write both here and on Learn the Net’s blog, but posts may be infrequent (especially here) during June through August. I average only one day off a week at the camp (and work a solid 12 hours a day), leaving little time to write. That said, I hope to maintain some kind of content here over the summer.

Finally, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week. Be sure to spread a little love to teachers both past and present this week! They will love you even more, and it just might make the difference between whether a teacher sticks with the profession or not. Teachers are valuable commodities across the world and deserve respect and appreciation.

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