Autumn 2011 Write Edit Teach Update from the Author

Write Edit Teach UpdateHello, all! I just wanted to give you a brief update on what’s going on with me. I just wrapped up over two months of English teaching at a summer camp in Spain. In fact, it’s the same camp that I’ve been going to for four summers now. Teaching English to Spanish kids (anywhere between the ages of 6 and 16) is a delightful but sometimes overwhelming experience for me, especially when there are more than 170 children running around at one time. (No, I don’t teach that many children at once. Rather, we try to keep class sizes no larger than 12 to 13 students.)

Now I’m back to my freelance ways. I consider myself fortunate to have established trust with some folks already. For example, (which moved to in 2017) — a long-standing and important tool for folks who are new to the Internet or are trying to make sense of the rapid social changes occurring there — has taken me on as a guest writer again after a bit of a hiatus. You can find me writing about the Internet and education once a month on their related news site Today I posted some news there about how the U.S. is seeing further adoption of online education, but not without challenges.

While I’ve never been very good at updating my blog here, I still have intentions of posting something here at least once a month about writing, editing, teaching, journalism, publishing, and more. Stay tuned as I try to increasingly present my thoughts about topics like the current U.S. education crisis and how authors are turning to self-publishing.

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Image via Horia Varlan, Flickr Creative Commons

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