And so my first writing assignment begins…

babychums.comAnd with every first, there is the hope that it won’t be the last.

Today I started doing a bit of article writing for a web site called This is my first freelance job, so I’m pretty excited. I’m expected to write two or three articles a day, and complete the task in an hour. It’s going to be a little difficult at first as I’ve already found out that I tend to spend too much time researching leaving little time for writing. I can write two well-researched articles in an hour, but will have to work hard to get to three. Perhaps with time and as I grow more accustomed to the task, it will become a faster process. I’m going to try to do idea generation and research the day before to stay ahead of the curve.

Anyway, you can follow what I write here:

And if you are an expectant mother, have children of your own, or are interested in topics like pregnancy, fertility, or child care, I recommend you peruse the site. And if you have any tips, stories, or topics you’d like to see written, let me know.

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