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TeachaTo anyone who reads this, I’m still alive. You probably know through either my main Web site or my Twitter account that I spent a third summer teaching English at a Spanish summer camp. But you may be asking why that kept me from posting blog posts here.

While Spain is a country that is modern in many ways, it’s still a little behind in the overall race. Recent issues with debt management and unemployment haven’t helped either. As this is the case, sometimes “luxeries” like regular Internet access aren’t afforded at a Spanish summer camp. Previous experiences at camp only lasted six weeks, so my Internet blackout period wasn’t too lengthy. But the ten weeks served at camp this year were a bit too much.

In the end, I found that I had been disconnected from the goings on in the world governments, let alone in the writing, editing, and teaching communities. It’s sad, but even short information outages can often put any Internet freelancer and tech junkie at a serious disadvantage over the competition. Ten weeks made me feel like I lost touch with everything that’s going on.

That said, I still have a bit of vacation time this September, and I plan to use it. But in between the cracks, I’m going to attempt to find my stride again, especially in the freelance writing and editing market. This includes trying to catch up on all the changes in those fields as well as the teaching field.

Stay tuned for a blog post this month! I’m not sure if I’ll write about my experiences teaching at the camp or something else. However, inspiration rarely eludes me these days. Cheers!

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