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SDouglas in STL

I’ve spent the last twelve years on an interesting journey down the paths of writing, editing, and teaching. I spent nearly five of those years working for a major health insurance company in St. Louis. During my time there I had the opportunity to work with both commercial and proprietary computer systems, manage data, provide service to the providers of the network, edit and proofread documents and directories, create training documentation, and teach new employees.

Needing a bigger challenge, I then spent two years teaching English in Madrid, Spain and four additional summers doing the same at a summer camp in northern Spain. During that time I had the unique opportunity to teach a wide variety of people from all walks of life: six-year olds to sixty-year olds; Spanish military colonel to retired carpenter; oil company to the Spanish mint; in homes and offices or at summer camps.

I’ve since continued my journey towards more challenges: learning and developing as a freelance writer, editor, and tutor, with leanings towards online content development, presentation, and management. That has included blogging, travel writing, technical writing, research, and special projects, as well as learning and improving my use of content management tools such as WordPress, MediaWiki, and Moodle.

I’ve also challenged myself further by going back to university and learning about library informatics. I ultimately wish to acquire the certified records manager (CRM) certification.

I adamantly believe writing, editing, and teaching are closely linked, and I constantly strive to find correlations between them. Additionally, I’m dedicated to providing quality professional services to the public and private sector at a time when they are needed most: during a proliferation of generic and poorly edited internet content.

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