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Autumn 2011 Write Edit Teach Update from the Author

Hello, all! I just wanted to give you a brief update on what’s going on with me. I just wrapped up over two months of English teaching at a summer camp in Spain. In fact, it’s the same camp that

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An update from the author…

To anyone who reads this, I’m still alive. You probably know through either my main Web site or my Twitter account that I spent a third summer teaching English at a Spanish summer camp. But you may be asking why

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The changing face of written Internet content

Written Internet content has changed over the years, often at the sacrifice of quality and truth. When I first started looking for freelance writing and editing work last October, I turned to, a site specializing in the online workplace.

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Writing every day is a challenge

At an early age, I heard the choir preaching, and their message was “Write something every day and you’ll become a better writer.” I think I first heard this sentiment when I was eight while handing in my writing assignment

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And so my first writing assignment begins…

And with every first, there is the hope that it won’t be the last. Today I started doing a bit of article writing for a web site called This is my first freelance job, so I’m pretty excited. I’m

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