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What it is: Clearly and concisely defining your product or service

Miniature Danish-Norwegian-French dictionary, via Tomasz Sienicki, Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons Before you grimace, let’s get one thing straight: this post doesn’t necessarily concern marketing or advertising; it concerns writing clearly and concisely. Yes, I’m going to use businesses’ websites —

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Data protection: More than saving data, it's saving culture

Digital storage, via Danny Nicholson,Flickr Creative Commons I made a plea to my Facebook friends a few weeks ago to donate to the Internet Archive. Realizing thousands of entities petition us for our money, I also told them I’d write

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British English and the use of the word 'holidays'

Those of you knowledgeable in British English: I need to know what word or words you predominately use to refer to “a day often marked by a general suspension of work in commemoration of an event.” I’m cognizant of the

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Opera, Opera Turbo, Google Chrome, and the WebP Image Format

Hey all! Something just came to my attention while doing some work for a client, and I thought I’d bring it up as it doesn’t seem to be well known or documented. Note beforehand that though I’ve been using computers

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Consistent web design, writing of web content (redux)

I know its bordering on passé to write blog posts criticizing people and businesses for their shortcomings, but I feel it necessary to present another example of what I discussed over a week ago. In that post I discussed how

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Consistent web design, writing of web content key

Briefly, here are a couple of observations I made while researching Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for a client today: 1.Be clear and consistent with your site’s navigation. A frustrating example today was (For some reason my thoughts drifted

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Do Internet-connected books have a future sooner than later?

Books that are connected to the Internet may have many advantages, but will publishers, authors and the public play along? The combination of two interesting articles I read today has my brain spinning with ideas about the future of writing,

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More blog writing outside of

Hey all! I just wanted to let you all know that I’m doing some writing outside of this blog. Michael and the very kind folks over at (which moved to have given me yet another forum for writing.

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The changing face of written Internet content

Written Internet content has changed over the years, often at the sacrifice of quality and truth. When I first started looking for freelance writing and editing work last October, I turned to, a site specializing in the online workplace.

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How technology and the Internet have changed what we write, edit, and teach: Part 1

Technology and the Internet have changed how we write, edit, and teach. But how have things changed for these professions? Ah, 1993! I was attending the University of Missouri-Columbia and found myself researching in both the university library and the

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