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Writing every day is a challenge

At an early age, I heard the choir preaching, and their message was “Write something every day and you’ll become a better writer.” I think I first heard this sentiment when I was eight while handing in my writing assignment

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A global world and its holidays

A global world isn’t complete without the appreciation of the importance of holidays. As is often the case in our lives, we have difficulty appreciating something until we can understand it in personal terms that we can understand. For example,

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SEO to the rescue!

SEO rescues many web content providers, but what is it? I’ve learned far more about search engine optimization (SEO) than I ever could have imagined during the last week. In fact, I didn’t even know what SEO meant when I first

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And so my first writing assignment begins…

And with every first, there is the hope that it won’t be the last. Today I started doing a bit of article writing for a web site called This is my first freelance job, so I’m pretty excited. I’m

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“No offense, but I’m looking for a female.”

Working as a male tutor in the US can be difficult sometimes. Part of the beauty of traveling around the world is having the opportunity to experience different cultures and customs. While there are occasional pitfalls, the process of interacting

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